Jungian Analysis & Psychotherapy  

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Organisations who have hosted my lectures & workshops include:- 

  • Analytical Psychology Club, London
  • Bristol Psychotherapy Association
  • Cambridge Jungian Circle
  • CG Jung Institute, Zürich
  • CG Jung Public Lecture Society, Bristol
  • Devon Pastoral Counsellors
  • Guild of Analytical Psychology & Spirituality
  • Guild of Pastoral Psychologists
  • Gloucestershire Counselling Service
  • Independent Group of Analytical Psychologists
  • Irish Analytical Psychology Association
  • Newcastle University
  • Peter Symonds College, Winchester
  • Southampton Counselling
  • Stiftung für Jung’sche Psychologie (Foundation for Jungian Psychology)
  • Taunton Association for Psychodynamics
  • Wessex Counselling Service
  • Zentrum für Tiefenpsychologie (Centre for Depth Psychology), Switzerland




‘I found the workshop fascinating, informative and very rich.  Thank you.’


‘Absolutely excellent weekend – best workshop I’ve ever been on (and I’ve done a few!)’


‘…the role-play was riveting.’


‘The references to literature were very helpful and brought the theory alive.’


‘This is one of the best in-service training days we’ve ever had…’


‘As for – any other comments – I would like to say how much I enjoyed the whole event, how interesting I find the legend, and how much I appreciated your clarity.’


‘The most helpful part was the theoretical input about how to set about looking at dreams in a systematic, disciplined and structured way.’


‘The bit I liked best was the magic trick…. although I think I know how you did it.’


‘Professionally presented.’


‘The seminar on the animus was extremely helpful in that I noticed myself relating it to my client work.’


‘Fascinating – very inspirational.’


‘Your handouts were great.  The more the better!’


‘One of the most meaningful workshops I have attended….’


‘Overall…I feel I have learnt a great deal, you have succeeded in explaining potentially complex and confusing material very well indeed.’


‘I found you a very thoughtful teacher and you presented the material extremely clearly.  Thank you.’


‘I ….. feel you gave us a really safe day.  I would like to do more.’


‘I liked the way you made people feel comfortable about contributing/asking, at whatever level.   I was really impressed by this.’


‘A brilliant day for me.  Your enthusiasm and belief moved me on a big place.’


‘I thought I knew about working with dreams - & I even had the affrontery to think I knew about the Jungian way of working with dreams… I learned such a lot..… material I hadn’t really understood properly before.’


‘What was the most helpful part was your enthusiasm for communicating what you evidently feel passionately about.’


‘A very healing experience.’

'Break into the peace within.  Hold attention in stillness.  And in the world outside, you will ably master the 10,000 things.' (Lao Tsu)

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