Jungian Analysis & Psychotherapy  



 I was born in 1951.  


My first job was working as a volunteer teacher at a secondary school in Kenya at the age of 18.   Subsequently I trained as a barrister and went on to practise at the bar in Kenya and the UK for 15 years.  Between 1976-1988 I served as a Principal State Counsel in the Kenya Government. 


In 1991, in response to a series of dreams during my years in Africa, I fulfilled a life-time ambition by enrolling in the training programme of the CG Jung Institute in Zurich.  My training analyst was the late Dr Hermann Strobel, who was one of the analysands of Marie-Louise Von Franz, Jung’s closest disciple.


Whilst in Zurich I also studied psychodrama for 4 years.  


I started my private practice in Bath & Bristol upon my return to England in 1996.

'Even if my external destiny has unfolded itself as it does with everyone, inevitably and as decreed by the gods, my inner life has been my own work, with its joys and bitterness, and I, alone, hold myself responsible for it.' (Hermann Hesse)

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