Jungian Analyst & Psychotherapist   




This is a specialist supervision group intended for psychotherapists & counsellors who wish to improve their skills in working with dreams in clinical practice.


The group meets every 4 weeks on a Friday between 12.30pm-2.30pm at my home address.  Please click here for further details as to venue.


Membership of the group is restricted to qualified psychotherapists and counsellors, or those in training with an accredited society.   Your orientation is immaterial provided only that it is reasonably compatible with basic psychodynamic practice.


Previous knowledge of Jungian psychology is not essential.  The methods of dream-work practised in the group can be used by practitioners from any orientation.   All members of the group are required to sign a Confidentiality Declaration.


The charge is 18 per session. 


Please click here for details of my Dream Groups (for working on own material).


If you wish to be on my mailing list so as to be notified about future groups please send a brief email to stating your name and email address.



'We may compare a dream to a screen on which the unconscious projects its inner drama.  We see there the various inner personalities that make up much of our total character.... The interplay of the dream images gives us an exact representation of those inner dynamics that go on inside us.' (Robert Johnson)

For a brief informal discussion, please ring 0117 932-9204 or email