Jungian Analyst & Psychotherapist   




You are welcome to contact me for an individual, one-off consultation.  This might be to discuss a dream or perhaps anything else which feels important for you to talk about. 


If you wish to discuss a dream it is helpful (although not essential) if you email me a copy of the dream in advance.    


When we talk, you should be prepared to discuss:- 

  • What was happening, and how were you feeling, the day before the dream?
  • What is going on in your life generally at the present time?
  • What are your personal associations to the symbols in the dream


My fees for a one-off consulation are the same as my normal hourly rate: see FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS for details of my current fee.

'Dreams cannot protect us from the vicissitudes & illnesses & sad events of human existence.  But they do give us a guiding line on how to cope with them, how to find a meaning in our life, how to follow our own destiny...' (Von Franz)

For a brief informal discussion, please ring 0117 932-9204 or email